• Joseph Ciborowski

10 Random Thoughts Going Into B School Apps

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Reflecting on our MBA applications, here are a couple of the things we wished we knew going in...

  1. Think about your best learning style when thinking about schools. This came as a shock to some of us, but top schools can differ wildly in terms of size (more than 900 per class at HBS compared to less than 300 at Stanford GSB).

  2. Get very used to acronyms... business schools and applicants love to use these (Google helps)... but maybe we'll do another blog post on some popular ones!

  3. Reddit and similar social media platforms can be very useful in getting information you won't get in school websites.

  4. Conversely.... be wary of what people say on these sites - some people love posting just to cause others unnecessary stress!

  5. Stay on the hunt for online admissions events (Poets and Quants keeps a good list on their site), these can be a great way to learn about schools without visiting.

  6. Stay on top of deadlines! It can be a lot when looking at multiple schools each with multiple rounds of application dates, interview notification dates, decision dates, and deposit dates.

  7. Don't get addicted to rankings. While rankings can certainly tell you a lot about schools, keep in mind that a school at a lower ranking could be a better fit for you and your career depending on what you're looking for.

  8. Use your undergrad network! Having a common bond can be a perfect way to break the ice when talking to current students and alumni.

  9. If a school offers a self-scheduled interview, take it! You'll need to interview to get in anyway, so this can only help you.

  10. Stay calm!!! The business school application process can be surprisingly stressful and it's important to keep in mind that your friends and family are there for a reason!

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